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PJ MEDCAST are the podcasts for PJ MED (Pararescue Medicine). Besides PJs, these podcasts may be useful to other Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Medical Personnel involved in Tactical and Technical Rescue Medicine, and other facets of Operational Medicine. PJs may document the time they spend listening to podcasts as training for their training folders, and also apply towards Paramedic Recertification. This podcast represents the positions of the authors and may not represent the offical position of the Department of the Defense or the United States Government.
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Dec 26, 2017

Moffet puts on an annual PJ paramedic recertification course in Tahoe.  Here are some lessons learned (LLs) and foot stomps for Pararescue Medicine.

Emphasis on care under fire and TCCC.

Check with Moffet in the summer if you are interested in their course in the beautiful, mountainous woods of South Lake Tahoe.


Merry Christmas- Happy Hanukah- Happy New Year!

Dec 18, 2017

In part 2 of this discussion regarding the value of psychological skills training, we continue the discussion of BTSF, Beat The Stress Fool.  We discuss the process and evidence supporting self Talk (instructional and motivational), visualization (See), and the use of a Focus word ( a go word, or trigger).

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year.  Please consider a donation to the Pararescue Foundation in your end of year giving.

Dec 7, 2017

In part 1 of psychological skills training we introduce the concept and discuss tactical breathing.  This article by med student and prior PJ Mike Lauria is in the Annals of Emergency Medicine Dec 2017. Vol 70 Issue 6, p 884.

The research supporting this is presented and discussed in the context of special operations and emergency medicine resuscitations.


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Nov 27, 2017

What are the key differences between leadership and management and how do you exploit them to achieve strategic and tactical objectives?

Lessons from the business world applied to our world-



Nov 20, 2017

We introduce a new feature to share quick lessons learned from training.


If you have points you think we should get out to the career field email them to me if you have my address, the PJ Med Programs Manager at Langley, or to



Oct 30, 2017

The I-gel has a series of benefits that make it attractive as an extra glottic airway (EGA). This podcast reviews the paper that will be in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine and discusses the role of EGAs in the pre-hospital environment and why the I-gel is preferred.

PJs- pls send a check to the Pararescue Foundation and do a fundraiser once a year.  Chief (RET) Jones is expanding the services and needs your support.

Oct 4, 2017

Doc Menon is an AF Flight Surgeon with prior OEF deployments with Moffet,  and a NASA Crew Surgeon. He discusses his background with experience on Mt Everest and in Haiti after the earthquake, and how they impact how he thinks about care in Space and other low resource, austere environments. 

He then gives us an overview of what happens to humans in space from a medical and physiological perspective, as well as what PJs should expect when you pull an Astronaut out of the capsule.

Finally, we get a brief operational overview of the coming space mission. 

This concise discussion contains good intel for SA for the Space Recovery Mission.

Look into the Pararescue Foundation for the March winter retreat and ski tour for Operators in need of decompression and reconstitution.

Sep 20, 2017

Travis discusses highlights of 2 important mil med meetings in the past month:  TCCC Committee and the Military Health Services Research Symposium.

Sep 12, 2017

Mike Lauria is a Med student, prior STS PJ turned Flight Medic. He discusses his experiences as they would be relevant to special needs populations during disaster response and his transition to becoming a Flight Medic which is another great career option if you want to stay operational. 

Look into Kyle Faudree's training if you are interested in becoming a flight medic at

On this September 11 we remember our fallen and honor our police, fire and EMS first responders, and Nation's warriors.

Keep our PJs and others operating right now in response to Hurricane Irma.

Sep 7, 2017

Doc Fedor adds a few notes on RSA.

In light of civil SAR at Harvey and Irma, we introduce some of the issues surrounding special needs populations.


Look for the Winter Pararescue Foundation ski tour in the Rockies if you need some decompression, or know someone who does.

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Sep 7, 2017

Doc Fedor is a civilian Emergency Medicine and EMS Doc who is the Director of the Schoolhouse Paramedic Program. He discusses rapid sequence airway.  A technique unique and specific to pre-hospital medicine in which the patient receives a sedative and paralytic, and a supra-glottic device is intentionally placed.


There are a few slots left for the PJNY Med Course this fall and winter. You can email  

When you go for recert courses after this year make sure the new NREMT NCCP standards are met. Your Team has this memo.



Aug 30, 2017

In the fourth installation of the TAMAR Rescue another PJ discusses the medical care in more detail provided for the two patients.


PJs from around the Nation are supporting Rescue Ops in Texas as this is aired. Think of and pray for all the victims and responders.



Aug 21, 2017

In the third installation of the TAMAR rescue, after infil and ship boarding are complete, Jordan gives an overview of the medical care including the complicated surgical airway.

Aug 14, 2017

In part 2 Jordan discusses parachute insertion, marine surface operations, ship boarding and linking up with the Captain and crew.


Look for the PJNY recert courses in SEP, NOV and FEB. Hosted by the 103rd RQS and NORTHWELL Health System. We have increased our PFC lanes (extended care) since lessons learned on this mish.



Aug 8, 2017

Finally- NY PJ Jordan discusses Mission development and MSN planning for this mission in April.  This is the first of several in depth discussions of this highly complex and dynamic night jump into the Atlantic for two burn critical  patients.

Jul 31, 2017

A Florida SWAT medic reports on a recent shooting he responded to, the care he provided and lessons learned  

TECC is tactical emergency medical care, the Civilian/ Law Enforcement version of TCCC.

Jul 26, 2017

The PJ Foundation is working hard to support the needs of Active and Prior PJs who need help for TBI and PTSD and everything in between.  Chief discusses how the Foundation came into being, its mission, next steps and how important it is for all PJs, CROs and SERE Specialists to support. 

We need you to share this with you teammates, pipeline buddies and support it with annual contributions and fundraisers.

Contact the foundation for information about the summer NH trip with Chief Negron and the Winter Ski Tour.

Jul 19, 2017

Lee discusses the Patrick ocean jump mission, extra bundles for med gear, providing care in the X in a raft, transferring to the zodiac and subsequent ship boarding. They were later hoisted out by their 60s.  He reviews the prolonged care provided.

Lets think about adding saran wrap back in the kits for maritime missions to waterproof the wounds and dressings, and we will post the burn packout we made at the 103rd on PJ, we will also send it out in the next newsletter.

One of the keys to success for teams that want to be ready for these missions are well organized alert kits, and having a separate one for burn missions.


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Stay safe.

Jul 6, 2017

SW reviews the key points from the Pararescue Medical Operations Advisory Board. These include the way forward for HPO, issues of currency vs. readiness vs. proficiency.  The importance of specialized Burn training, with opportunities in Washington and NYC. Affecting the med training and culture on the team by integrating POI care, tactical field care and TACEVAC into regular training at the DZ, range and boat party. Finally, SW reviews the rationale and positive pilot effort to use the deployment transition center as a third location decompression site.

This was really a well done brief by your PJ Med Programs manager. 

A special thanks to Col Wayne Pritt- the ACC SGP who is retiring and Chaired this MOAB!


Check out the podcasts with Prolonged Field Care the CoTCCC.

Jun 14, 2017

Dr. Reggie Ohara returns to discuss recovery tips after missions and training based on his knowledge as a PhD physiologist, prior operator and current ultra runner. Nutrition and timing, contrast water therapy, cold wraps,  inexpensive and low tech options to massage and more are reviewed in light of what the literature says and what works.


Jun 5, 2017

Doc Brager discusses sleep resiliency, prepping for overnight and multi night selection and mission objectives and some more relevant science impacting the operational side of sleep. This is an excellent discussion where research and science meet OPS.

May 30, 2017

Dr. Laureen Hill is the Chair of Anesthesiology at Emory university.

In the second discussion with her we focus on:

1. Surpa-glottic airways

2. Role of paralytics beyond sedation

3. Video assisted larygoscopy

4. Aspiration pneumonia as a complication of intubating without a paralytic

This discussion was really good, easy to follow, with great points.



May 25, 2017

Dr Allison Brager is a US Army neuroscientist and crossfire athlete. In this first discussion with her she explains why sleep really is important from a scientific perspective that is easy to understand, and the "why's" of sleep habits as well as effects of sleeping/ NO GO pills.


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Best wishes and remember our fallen this Memorial Day Weekend.

May 16, 2017

ALERT- reminder of changes to handbook from DEC 2016 MOAB: 1. Change in needle D. site to only 5th ICS Mid Axillary Line. 2. Addition of combat dose of ketamine for sedation.3. Administer TXA by slow IV push over 2-3 minutes giving a cc at a time.4.Discontinue training upper extremity and thigh fasciotomies, only leg (tip-fib) will remain for training. Do not perform fasciotomy without proper training and sign off. Next MOAB 21-22 JUN.

May 8, 2017

Doc Powell is an SF Group Surgeon and Army Intensivist (intensive care specialist). he discusses the basic science and practical aspects of what shock is "beyond hypoerfusion of tissues".  The science of shock is complex and multifactorial. Doc Powell explains the concepts of tissue damage and the systemic inflammatory response. For those of you who want to understand what shock really is, this is an excellent discussion.

Stay tuned for news of the PJNY /103rd jump mission near the Azores for 2 burn patients last week.  A night jump, lots of sophisticated medicine and complex exfil.



Donate to the, we have several upcoming programs for brothers in need and their families.


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